I used to use the nicknames Wysiwyg and Macchinario, but today I go by Fabio Romeo. Here is my little corner of the web that started in 2004 on Blogspot as Yell, then changing the name to Pangea Box and living on the late pangeabox.net – until the day the company that hosted the site went bankrupt and took the blog with it.

In the end I decided to become an adult, buy a new domain and live once and for all at fabioromeo.com, where I leave some pages of my sketchbook, some web studies, and write things about motorbikes, music, films, life, the universe and everything. The texts tend to have high doses of hyperbole, metaphors, ruminations and common puns. Don’t be distraught by the things written here, life is too important to take everything seriously. Pull up a chair, some popcorn and enjoy.